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  • Offers the common CIF API for application programming
  • Automatic hardware detection for ISA, PCI and CompactPCI hardware
  • Device selection by board number
  • All devices can be used simultaneously (ISA, PCI, CompactPCI)
  • Up to four devices (ISA, PCI or CompactPCI) are possible within a system


  • Up to 32 INtime applications can access the driver at the same time
  • Only one Windows application can have an active connection to the driver at any given time.
  • When one or more INtime applications have an active connection to the driver, then the Windows application connected to the driver is restricted to “READ ONLY” calls
    (See Section 6.3 for a list of calls and their support from a Windows application when any INtime application is connected to the INtime CIF driver.
  • Only device polling is supported
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