Blog from August, 2019

A new version CD 2019-08-1 of the "netX Diagnostic and Remote Access" product CD has been published.

netX serial DPM via USB Driver installationV3.0.0.0updated
netX SPM USB DLLV1.6.0.0updated
netXTransport ToolkitV1.3.0.0updated
netHost ApplicationV1.4.0.0updated

A new cifX/netX Toolkit version V2.2.0.0 has been published.

A new cifX/netX Toolkit version V2.1.0.0 has been published.

The version V2 contains support of the new netX90 and netX4000 chips.

A new cifX Device Driver V2.1.0.0 for Windows has been published.

Main feature of the new V2 version of the driver is the support for CIFX cards and NXHX boards based on the new netX4000 chip.