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The CIFX WinAC driver is a extension DLL (CCX) for the SIEMENS SIMATIC WinAC RTX 2010 SP1 system and allows the SIEMENS SIMATIC WinAC system to access Hilscher CIFX based communication hardware form the SPS cycle.
Hilscher fieldbus interface cards are supplied in most common form factors and access is possible to all supported fieldbus systems like ASi, CANopen, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS. OpenModbusTCP and the Real-Time Ethernet bus systems like EthernetIP, EtherCAT, PROFINET. SERCOS etc. This als includes support of master (controllerd) and slave (adapter) devices.
Driver functions are accessed from STEP7 / TIA via FBs / FCs. At least two functions are needed to exchange I/O data during the program cycle and the I/O data are mapped into data blocks of the STEP7 program (one DB for input and one DB for output data).

The configuration of the CIFX WinAC driver takes place in one general configuration block (DB_CIFXConfig) and the fieldbus configuration is done by the Hilscher fieldbus system configuration software
Furthermore, the driver is able to use exported PDI (Process Data Information) XML files to convert input data into the STEP7/TIA format and vis a vers.
Without such an XML file the driver creates a ony by one mapping of I/O data to the PLC input/output data blocks.

The dirver also includes a converter tool ( XML to SCL Converter) allowing to create TIA importable SCL code, describing the input and output data blocks corresponding to the configuration. 


The Hilscher CIFX-WinAC driver requires a license code on the Hilscher CIFX hardware.
Make sure to order the hardware including the necessary license or if the hardware already exists to purchase the license subsequently.





Siemens SIMATIC WinAC RTX 2010

2010 SP1 

Siemens SIMATIC Step 7 Professional 

V12 or later 


Hilscher (Fieldbus System Configurator) 

V1.370.141017.13238 or later

(Media: Communication Solution DVD) 

Hilscher CIFX WinAC Driver for WinAC RTX 2010 

V2.000 or later


Hilscher CIFX RTX Driver for IntervalZero RTX 2009
(Hardware driver for ISA, PCI/PCIe cards)

V1.1.0.0 or later


Hilscher XML to Siemens SCL Converter 

V2.0.0.0 or later 

Hilscher hardware

  • CIFX PCI / PCIe / netJACK100
  • Evaluation boards NXSB-PCA / NXSB100 / NXHX boards or NX-PCA-PCI / NXHX





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