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  • Based on the cifX Toolkit
  • Supports up to 10 devices (limited by Windows CE)
  • Full source code included
  • Stream driver that can be included into a Windows CE image or loaded from an external disk
  • ISA / DPM Card support
  • Support for NXSB-PCA, NX-PCA-PCI, netPLC and netJack
  • PCI support using PCI Enumerator templates
  • DMA data transfer for I/O data (only PCI based cifX PC cards)
  • Support for Interrupt and interrupt notification


  • Tested and developed for Windows CE 5.0 / CE 6.0 / EC 7.0 / EC 2013

  • For RAM based cards like the cifX50, the driver needs access to firmware and configuration files during the start-up phase

  • When DMA is enabled the extended memory might not be available


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