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  • Based on the cifX Toolkit source
  • Interrupt support for cifX boards
  • DMA data transfer for I/O data (only PCI based cifX PC cards , see "Limitations" also)
  • Interrupt notification for applications
  • Support for PCI, PCIe, PC/104, PCI-104, ISA netX based hardware
  • x86 and x64 (also known as AMD64) depending to the RTX version
  • Unlimited number of cifX boards supported


  • Only one RTX® process can use the driver at the same time
  • Only little-endian hosts supported
  • No DMA support for NXSB-PCA, NX-PCA-PCI, CIFX 4000, CIFX M.2 boards
  • No MSI support for CIFX cards, except for CIFX M.2 cards

CIFX Hardware Releated Product Features

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