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  • O/S independent
  • Support of PCI / ISA and DPM based connections to the Hilscher DPM
  • Support of memory and FLASH based devices
  • 64 Bit support
  • Basic interrupt functions included

  • Event handling for I/O and packet transfer functions

  • netX100/500, netX50, netX51/netX52 Bootstrap support
  • (red star) netX90 and netX4000 support 

  • (red star) CIFX M.2 support


    • Little Endian / Big Endian support (selectable via toolkit definition)
    • DMA support for I/O data transfer (selectable via a toolkit definition, only for PCI devices where netX is directly connected to the PCI bus)

    • Extended Parameter Check of Toolkit Functions (selectable via a toolkit definition)
    • Device time setting during start-up
    • Custom Hardware Access Interface (e.g. DPM via SPI, selectable via a toolkit definition)


  • Several functions must be implemented by the user, before being able to use the toolkit
  • Basic Interrupt support is included. Only the start-up phase is done in polling mode. The interrupts will be activated after the device has been fully configured
  • Hardware recognition like PCI scanning routines are not included
  • On Big Endian CPUs, the user application will need to convert communication channel and send/receive packet content to/from Little Endian representation.
    This is NOT automatically done inside the toolkit.
    Only device global data from the system channel are converted by the toolkit.
  • The sample project, created for Win32, does not allow PCI cards (CIFX50 / CIFX90 etc.) being completely restarted (Hardware Reset), because PCI registers are not accessible from a Win32 user application.

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