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  • Based on the cifX Toolkit source
  • x86 and x64 (also known as AMD64) support for Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and Windows 10
  • Support for PCI, PCIe, PC/104, PCI-104, ISA netX based hardware
  • Unlimited number of cifX boards supported
  • DMA data transfer for I/O data (only PCI based cifX PC cards)
  • Driver architecture based on the Microsoft KMDF (Kernel Mode Driver Framework) architecture
  • Compatible to the Plug&Play mechanism of Windows 2K, XP,Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and Windows 10
  • Support for NXSB-PCA or NX-PCA-PCI boards included (PCI-Adapter to a netX DPM)
  • Interrupt notification for applications
  • Support of 2nd Memory Window for PCI based device (e.g. MRAM)
  • Setting the device time during start-up if time handling is supported by the device


  • Windows Plug & Play power save mode supported by the driver
    Attention: The actual netX hardware states are not stored and will be lost during power down!
    On system wake-up the hardware is re-started like on system power-on.
  • No IA64 support
  • Response times of driver calls are operating system and system load depending. Deterministic response times can’t be guaranteed

    IMPORTANT NOTE:    Windows® is not a deterministic real-time operating system. Any response times to specific hardware or driver functions can not be guaranteed and may differ between different versions of the Windows® operating systems. Furthermore, response times are also depending on the used host hardware, host performance, running services and installed software components.
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