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By default only root can access a cifX device. To change this restriction the user needs access rights to the following device nodes and files

  • /dev/uio<n>
  • /sys/class/uio/uio<n>/device/config

Via udev rule it is possible to change the permission automatically when device becomes created. An example udev rule is located on the cd (/driver/templates/udev/).

Verifiy to have the correct permissions to access a device
By default the device (uio device) is only accessable by root. The following picture shows the default permissions of the uio device file.

The example udev rule located on the CD can be applied for an automated change of the permissions.

  1. Install the udev rule
    Enter the template directory and install the udev rule

  2. NOTE: If the module is already loaded first un-load and then reload the module to make the changes take effect (root privileges required).