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  1. Build the uio_netx kernel module
    1. Enter the drivers directory and run the Makefile of the uio_netx kernel module
    2. Optional: Disable DMA / Build for special kernel version (other than the current running)

  2. Build the user space library libcifX
    1. Enter the directory of the user space driver and run configure to generate the Makefile
    2. Optional: Run configure with further option to enable/disable any driver features (e.g. enable DMA support)
      For all features run configure --help
    3. Run the Makefile to build the library
    4. Install the library (root privileges required)

  3. Install the firmware (root privileges required)
    1. Create the base directory (/opt/cifx/) of the cifX driver configuration file storage and install the bootloader
    2. Optional: Create additional folder structure for configuration of specific device (e.g. configuration based on device and serial number)
  4. Install and load the uio_netx kernel module (root privileges required)