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netXSPMUSB uses the function "OutputDebugString()" to display information and errors.

Such outputs are send to a debug output window if available and can be catched by a program named "DebugView".
This progarm is available from "Sysinternals" which is maintained by Microsoft ( see
Debugview.exe automatically captures all debug outputs from all programs in the system.
The program using netXSPMUSB.dll has to be started after Debugview.exe to see the information.

The generated output from netXSPMUSB looks like the output from the "cifXToolkit", extended by specific states and errors from the "libusb".

Example output in case of an error:
[1368] 13:52:18: LUI_DriverInit: Starting LUI driver and libusb initialization
[1368] 13:52:18: LUI_InitAllDevices: libusb_get_device_list returned, number of devices = -4
[1368] 13:52:18: LUI_InitAllDevices: Error reading device list, libusb error: -4
[1368] 13:52:18: LUI_DriverInit: Device initialization failed with error -100