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  1. Make sure the driver's debug output is enabled
    The user space driver libcifX provides debug output feature. The tracing can be enabled during the driver’s initialization, by setting the 'trace_level' parameter of the
    'CIFX_LINUX_INIT' structure to one of the follownig values:

    0x00 – Tracing disabled

    0x01 – Debug messages will be logged

    0x02 – Information messages will be logged

    0x04 – Warning messages will be logged

    0x08 – Errors messages will be logged

    0xFF – All messages will be logged

    Exmaple: Setting the debug output to log all information messages

  2. Make sure to have the correct permissions
    By default the driver creates a log file in the driver’s ’base directory’ (default = '/op/cifx/', see cifX Device Driver for Linux - Firmware and Configuration File Storage). If the log file creation fails
    (e.g. no permissions to create or write to a file in the configuration directory) the debug messages will be printed to the console output.
    Make sure to have to correct access rights to the driver’s configuration directory (read+write!)
    NOTE: The following example changes the privileges for all other users. It is also possible to select a group or only one specific user.