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Physical Memory Viewer for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

The Physical Memory Viewer allows to display (read and write) physical memory content in a Windows® based operating system including the memory of hardware components.
It can be used to identify memory access problems of Hilscher devices in cases where the Hilscher Windows device driver is not able to access the hardware.

An integrated function will search for Hilscher PC based devices like CIFX and COMX boards and offers such devices automatically in a selection box.
Manual setup of the physical address and address range is also possible. The Memory content is displayed as a hexadecimal ASCII dump.

The tool also contains an analysis function which allows an interpretation of the memory content of Hilscher devices and an exported/import funtion for offline analysis.


  • Microsoft Windows operating system XP or higher


Note:  The Tool is provided as it is, WITHOUT any warranty or support!


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