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Current release: For previous versions see version history.
General Information

The "netX Diagnostic and Remote Access" product CD contains all host and device components in soure code.
For the Microsoft Windows operating system, all components are also available in a compiled and ready to use version.


netX serial DPM via USB:

  • netX USB FTDI driver installation:
    USB FTDI driver installation for the COMX-EB evaluation board and Hilscher hardware containing the FTDI USB converter
  • netXSPMUSB DLL for Windows
    Windows function DLL including the CIFX-API interface


  • Documentation
    Contains all necessary documentations, describing the fundametals and the implementation details
  • HilTransport Disssector Wireshark
    Wireshark plugin to decode the Hilscher transport protocol
  • Sources
    All host and device components in source code, including necessary projects and make files

Windows Executable:

  • netHost
    Pre compiled Windows components directory containing the netHOST.exe test application and all function DLLs
    (netXTransport.dll with plug-in RS232Connector.dll / TCPConnector.dll and netX SPMUSB.dll)
  • TCPServer
    Example remote device TCPServer for Windows, based on the netXMarshaller source.




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