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Problem with Power Mode on PCIe

We are using the XIO2001IZGU PCI to PCIexpress bridge on some our products. In this case the CIFX 50E (PCIe form factor) PC Card.

The CIFX 50E card is used in a windows 7 PC.

  •   After a few seconds (sometimes later) the PC freezes. Which means, there is no update of the monitor, the mouse stops, keyboard stops. No Bluescreen.

When the card is removed („hotplug“, no reboot or anything) the pc continues to work immediately.

We found out that if we deactivate the PCI express power saving option the PC works just fine.

Deactivation of the PCI express power saving under Windows 7:

Go to
"Control Panel" –> "Power Options" –> "Change Plan Settings" –> "Change Advanced Power Settings" –> "PCI Express - Link State Power Management"
and switch "Settings:OFF“.