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Until today, Hilscher does not offer a dedicated driver for NI LabVIEW to handle CIFX boards.

National Instruments offering a way to integrate external DLLs and Shared Libraries into LabVIEW.
The Hilscher CIFX driver for Windows contains such an external DLL by default, necessary for Windows applications to getting access to the CIFX hardware and the running
software. And this DLL can be integrated into LabVIEW making the generic CIFX-API available under NI LabVIEW.

A manual comming with the CIFX-API describes the functions and the handling, which must be implemented in the LabVIEW application.

The CIFX-API DLL (cifX32DLL.dll) itself is available in 32Bit and 64Bit version, installed during the installation of the CIFX driver for Windows
and depending of the version of the Windows operating system, the ciX32Dll.dll will be installed in different directories:

Installation path of the cifX32DLL.dll
Windows 32 BitWindows 64 Bit
32Bit only32Bit DLL64Bit DLL

Necessary header files and the library files to the DLLs can be found under the driver installation directory (.\cifX Device Driver\SDK)
which also depends on the Windows operating system.

CIFX Driver installation directory: 'cifX Device Driver'
Windows 32 BitWindows 64 Bit
.\Program Files\.\Program Files\

Additional Information:

How a DLL or Shared Libray is integrated in LabVIEW is described by National Instruments and not a part of the Hilscher driver.
Please consult the National Instruments Support on how to do this.