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'netX Diagnostic and Remote Access' is a collectiv term describing the possibilities to connect host systems to a netX based target system or a remote workstation running a netX based hardware.
This can be done in different ways. One of it is the connection via a standard physical interfaces like RS232, USB or Ethernet and services which transfering logical commands between host and the target (netXTransport and netXMarshaller).
While the otherone offers physical access to netX51/52 internal memory using a dedicated build-in SPI interface and USB (netX serial DPM via USB).

Currently available approches:

  • netX USB CDC Drivers for Windows
    Most of the netX device are equiped with USB diagnostics interface, based on on the USB CDC protocol definition.
    To be able to use it as a virtuel COM port under Microsoft Windows operating system, an installed consisting of Hilscher specific USB INF and CAT files are necessary.
    These files, including a setup application (setup.exe), can be found on the product CD.


  • netX serial DPM via USB/SPI
    netX51/52 offering a hardware implemented SPI to DPM (Dual-Ported Memory) access interface. This access possibility is provided by adding a FTDI-SPI to USB converter to the netX evaluation hardware. This converter now allows to connection of a
    a netX hardwae via USB to a standard PC and without the need of a SPI controller. An application can used the known CIFX-API to communicate with the hardware.
    The API is available via the netXSPMUSB Windows based DLL and the installation of the netX USB FDI Driver and the API DLL can be found on the product CD.


  • netXTransport and netXMarshaller
    Both services together providing a standard diagnostic interface for netX based systems via common physical connections (serial, USB, Ethernet) in combination with standard access functions (cifX API / rcX data packages) and the possibility to use the target connection for runtime data access and data exchange between the host and the target. Where netXTransport holds the host side and netXMarshaller the traget side implementation.
    All netXTransport and netXMarshaller components are available in source code and portable to different operating system. The product CD includes example implementations for Windows and Linux.