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Goal of the 'netXTransport Toolkit' is to provide a standard diagnostic interface for netX based systems via common physical connections (e.g. serial, USB, Ethernet) in combination with a variety of access functions (like cifX API functions, rcX data packages or custom defined API functions). To guarantee such a flexibility the 'netXTransport Toolkit' offers appropriate interfaces to register additional connection and API types. This connection independent communication extends the field of application for runtime data access and data exchange between the host and the target.

The operating system independent design of the toolkit simplifies porting to different systems. A high flexibility, regarding physical connections, is given by the possibility of adding additional custom defined connector types during runtime. Furthermore the netXTransport Toolkit is capable to support different API interfaces. This feature enables support for different devices with different API interfaces.

The netXTransport communication is based on a server client concept using the HilTransport Protocol and therefore the target requires a running netXTransport server



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