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Documentations for software developers: Application programming

You want to develop an application program on a host system. This means that you communicate to the device via a dual-port memory and a firmware is already loaded into the device.

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Documentations for software developers: Programming on netX

You want to develop a software that is executed on the netX. This means that you are using Linkable object modules (LOM for netX).

Development tools

Developing software executed on netX requires tools:

netFIELD Documentation

User manual netFIELD Connect

This user manual describes the hardware and the web-based management
GUI (Local Device Manager) of the netFIELD Connect device (NIOT-ETPI51-
EN-RE/NFLD) from Hilscher. Instructions on how to commission the
device are also provided in this document.

Operating instruction manual netFIELD Portal

This is the operating instruction manual of the Hilscher netFIELD Portal.
Here you will find descriptions of the user interfaces, functions and
parameters of the portal’s management applications (like e.g. the Device
This document also features instructions on how to perform typical enduser
tasks in the portal.

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