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Firmware Generation Status


Remarkfit for new projects, supporting comX, netJACK, cifX and other products
AvailabilitynetX 51 (tick), netX 52 (tick)


Current release:

For previous versions see version history .
General Information


  • Full cyclic data exchange supported (Poll, Change of State, Cyclic, Bitstrobe)
  • Diagnostic
    • Common and extended diagnostic via dual port memory
    • Stack diagnosis via packet API
  • Configuration
    • Packet API based configuration ny host application
    • Data base configuration by configuration tool
  • Acyclic service supported
  • Fragmentation supported
  • Module Network Status Objects
  • Multiple assembly support
  • Baudrate and node-ID over network configuration supported
  • Rotary switch support
  • Attribute change indication support
  • Semiconductor device profile supportable by host application

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Road map

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Example projects can be found in the LFW Host Examples section: DeviceNet Slave Examples