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Key Features

  • Full cyclic data exchange supported (Poll, Change of State, Cyclic, Bitstrobe)
  • Diagnostic
    • Common and extended diagnostic via dual port memory
    • Stack diagnosis via packet API
  • Configuration
    • Packet API based configuration by host application
    • Data base configuration by configuration tool Sycon.net (only netX 90 use case C with external flash memory)
  • Acyclic service supported
  • Fragmentation supported
  • Module Network Status Objects
  • Multiple assembly support
  • Baudrate and node-ID over network configuration supported
  • Rotary switch support
  • Attribute change indication support
  • Semiconductor device profile supportable by host application

On this page

Technical Data

Maximum number of cyclic input data255 bytes
Maximum number of cyclic output data255 bytes
Acyclic communication


max. 240 bytes per request


max. 240 bytes per request

Baud rates

125 kBits/s, 250 kBit/s, 500 kBit/s

Auto-detection mode is not supported






Explicit messagingsupported
FragmentationExplicit and I/O
Message body format8/8
Data transport layerCAN
UCMMnot supported
Quick Connectnot supported

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