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The PROFIBUS DP Master Stack has implemented the required state machines to build a PROFIBUS DP Mastere device. In order to fullfill the certification requirements, a correctly behaving application is required in addition.
The stack on its own just provides services that need to be handled correctly by an application for certification and correct behaviour in the field, e. g. acknowledge alarm from slave


The stack offers a mailox interface for configuration. A basic configuration has to be set using a Download packet with master and bus parameters first and for every slave a Download packet with corresponding slave parameters. Additional features can be activated by packets desrcibed in the corresponding API manual.

Cyclic data

The stack offers an interface to access the cyclic data.
The cyclic data is either accessed using tripple buffers in case the application is running directly on netX chip or cyclic data is available in the dual-port memory (DPM) which can be accessed by a host application.

Acyclic services

Acyclic services can be requested by the application in order to obtain data acyclic from a slave. An abort or close of a acyclic class2 connection is reported by an indication to the application.

Alarms and diagnosis

The stack indicates new diagnosis and alarms to the application, where the alarm should be acknowledged and the diagnosis evaluated



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