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Key Features

  • PROFIBUS DP-V1 class1 and 2

Supported State Machines

  • FSPMM (Fielbus Service Protocol Master state machine)
  • MSCY1M (Master to Slave cyclic state machine)
  • DMPMM (Data Link Mapping Protocol Master state machine)
  • MSAL1M (Master Class1 to Slave Alarm state machine)
  • MSAC1M/MSAC2M (Master Class1/2 to Slave Acyclic state machine)
  • MMAC2 (Master to Master Acyclic state machine)
  • MSCS1M (Master to Slave Clock Sync state machine)
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Technical Data


Maximum number of supported DPV0/DPV1 slaves

Maximum number of  total cyclic input data5712 bytes
Maximum number of total cyclic output data5760 bytes
Maximum number of cyclic input data244 bytes/slave
Maximum number of cyclic output data244 bytes/slave
Maximum number of configuration data244 bytes/slave
Maximum number of parameterization data

7 bytes/slave standard parameter

237 bytes/slave user specific parameter

Acyclic communication

DP-V1 Class1 Read/Write

DP-V1 Class1 Alarm

DP-V1 Class2 Initiate/Read/Write/Data transport/Abort

Maximum number of acyclic read/write/data transport

240 bytes/slave

FeaturesConfiguration in Run
Redundancy functionsupported (requires host application programm support)

Fixed values from 9.6 kbits/s to 12 Mbits/s

Auto-detection mode is not supported.

Data transport layerPROFIBUS FDL


Configuration by packets to transfer bus parameters and slave data sets or by using configuration database.


Firmware supports common and extended diagnostic in the dual-port-memory for loadable firmware.


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