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The CANopen protocol firmware has been designed according to the CiA Work Draft 301 V4.2.0 specification.
It complements the portfolio of protocol firmware for netX 90 based products.

Key Features

  • PDO mapping
  • NMT Slave
  • SYNC protocol (consumer)
  • SDO Up- and Download (Server only),
  • Emergency message (producer),
  • Timestamp (producer/consumer)
  • Node guarding / life guarding and heartbeat
    • producer
    • max. 8 consumer
  • Error behavior in state operational:
    • change to state pre-operational
    • no state change
    • change to state stopped

More ...


The firmware can be used on the following target devices

  • cifX M.2 card (planned, not yet released)
  • netRAPID
  • Chip
ControllernetX 10netX 50netX 51netX 52netX 100netX 500netX 90
COS V5(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(tick)

Further Information

For further information, please refer to

Hilscher internal information: Release Package NXLFW-COS V5.1

Public Information: CANopen Slave V5