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Many features found the way into this release which may open new opportunities.

Especially the SoE - Servo over EtherCAT service is interesting for drive and encoder manufacturers. It enhances our netMOTION initiative.

Applications with Sercos II+III motion profile implementations can be ported to EtherCAT based communication solutions with relatively low effort.

AoE - ADS (Automation Device Specification) over EtherCAT is a Beckhoff specific protocol (also supported by Hilscher EC Master)

It is typically used in modular devices or fieldbus gateways, e.g. IO-Link gateways, to map acyclic services of single ports or modules to EtherCAT.

The Hilscher AoE API is very similar to the object dictionary interface (ODV3) and therefore familiar to most users.

VoE - Vendor specific protocol over EtherCAT - enables the user to implement its own protocols for a slave to master communication, via mailbox type 15 data transfer.

AoE and VoE were supported in former Hilscher stack generations, e.g. in V4, but are now also available for netX 90 based products.

The Diagnostic History API unburden the user application. The service handles diagnostic data objects automatically inside the protocol stack,
while the user can concentrate on the actual diagnostic content. This service is related to the EtherCAT emergency concept.

Major Improvements

  • Support for SoE – Servo over EtherCAT
  • Support for AoE - ADS (Automation Device Specification - Beckhoff) over EtherCAT
  • Support for VoE - Vendor specific protocol over EtherCAT
  • Diagnostic History API (EtherCAT emergency concept)
  • Flexible configurable number of sockets via taglist


The new firmware can be used on the following target devices

  • cifX M.2 card
  • netRAPID 90
  • Chip: netx 90

Further Information

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