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Device models

NIOT-E-NPI3-51-RE-EN - netPI RTE 3


*please check the device label if the software fits to your device model in use


    - allow IP setup of netPI RTE 3 Real-time Ethernet ports via netPI web UI "network" settings if the container hilschernetpi/netpi-netx-ethernet-lan is used in host mode
    - fixed docker daemon problem prohibiting docker service to start after a power cycle caused by an "empty" docker configuration file /etc/docker/daemon.json by replacing it with a backup file

    - Kernel patch applied "disable USB interrupt"
    - Support of "Proxy" in control panel under tab "Network" to configure a HTTP,HTTPS,FTP proxy
    - Removed Wifi channel 14 support for region Japan
    - Set WPA2 standard as security method in "Wifi Access Point" mode. WPA1 supported no more
    - Corrected problem that some services (Wifi DHCP server) may not work after an unintended (power loss) shutdown and reboot
    - Corrected problem that "Wifi Access Point" DHCP server does not work if there is no eth0 Ethernet connection active

    - Preset 4 NTP time giving servers avoiding users from manually entering NTP servers during initial commissioning
    - Update to version 1.20.1
    - Update to Docker version 18.09.2
    - Forced disclaimer acceptance during initial admin password setup
    - New dialog "Routes" in Control Panel to setup IP routing within netPI
    - New dialog "Firewall" in Control Panel to select different firewall profiles
    - New dialog "Cellular" in Control Panel to configure optional cellular modems (future use)


    - nginx reverse proxy TCP/IP timeout extended to avoid any kind of timeout effects such as
      loss of connection during pulling or exporting an image or deploying a container or using
      the embedded console of

    - Port configuration of management GUI (port 80 and port 443)


    - Using Portainer in the version 1.19.2 instead of 1.12.4


    - updated to latest "Public Key Infrastructure" dialog

V1.1.3.0RC3 Hotfix

    - allow special characters in Wifi client passwords
    - new dialog "Public Key Infrastructure" allowing upload of trusted CA certificates
    - new dialog "Syslog" allowing download of system log files

V1.1.2.0 Release

    - Allowing passing external USB storage devices to a container (like /dev/sda, /dev/sda1)
    - Pulling docker images from a repository is running 2 times faster now

V1.1.0.0 Release

    - mounting netPI host volumes or directories are no longer possible.
    - now privileged mode does no longer map all available netPI host devices into a container
    - bluetooth daemon was removed from netPI's host ... your own can be use it in a container now

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