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Three steps to success

  1. Program the Protocol Stack firmware of your choise into netSHIELD flash memory, using the netHOST utility
  2. Mount netSHIELD onto your Nucleo board
  3. Import STM32Cube Expansion projects into your System Workbench for STM32 workspace and start the evaluation

Refer to the netSHIELD USER Guide for more information


Major documents

cifX API Manual

API Manual: Explanation of cifX function library.

  • The cifX API is the function library for application programmers, who use netX (e.g. netSHIELD) as a companion chip to access industrial protocols.
  • It can be directly used with the netX STM32Cube Expansion
Protocol API Manuals

Links to all Hilscher supported industrial protocols and the respective Protocol API manuals

Please check availability of the desired protocol for netX 52, if netSHIELD is used.


Further reading

Dual Port Memory InterfaceThe structure and specification of the Dual Port Memory (parallel or serial connected), which acts as interface between netX (netSHIELD) and a host controller.Dual-port memory interface
Serial Dual Port Memory InterfaceSpecific information for serial (SPI) connection between netX and a host controllerSerial dual-port memory
cifX Toolkit

Description and usage of the cifX Toolkit.

  • The cifX Toolkit is the base component, running on the host controller
  • must be adapted to the host hardware
  • The netX STM32Cube Expansion contains an adapted cifX Toolkit as Middleware component for STM32 Microcontrollers
cifX/netX Toolkit (NXDRV-TKIT)
netX 52

netX 52 chip specific information

  • Technical Reference Manual
netX 52

PC Utilities



download protocol firmware into the flash of netSHIELD

  • netHOST.exe is a windows executable and part of the "netX Diagnostic and Remote Access" packet.
netX Diagnostic and Remote Access
USB driversUSB drivers for netX51/52 (M01) (V1.2.10.0)
netHOST (netXTransport and netXMarshaller)
Downloads NSHIELD 52-RE

erase, read an write flash memory on netSHIELD

  • Bootwizard is necessary to program the Second Stage Bootloader (SSBL) into the flash memory
  • netSHIELD "NSHIELD 52-RE" is shipped with SSBL already programmed
  • Boozwizard is not used to program the protocol firmware into the flash. For this purpose, the utility netHOST is used

netX Bootwizard

netX Firmware

Protocol Stacks

Limited evaluation versions of netX protocol stack firmware. One of these binaries must be downloaded into the flash memory file system of netSHIELD. For this purpose, the utility netHOST is used.

netSHIELD can hold only one protocol firmware at a time. These limited protocol stack evaluation firmware versions will stop communication after 1 hour of operation. A reset anew the 1 hour operation phase.

Please contact your Hilscher sales contact or visit in case of demand for full versions or other protocol stacks like SERCOS, Open Modbus/TCP, PROFIBUS, CANopen etc.

Second Stage Bootloader

The "Second Stage Boot Loader" is a basic netX system loader, started by the netX ROM loader, and designed to create a file system in the flash memory on netSHIELD and a standard Hilscher netX dual port memory interface.

The SSBL binray file must be programmed into the flash memory of netSHIELD by using the Bootwizard utility.

STM32Cube Expansion

Adapted cifX Toolkit for STM32 Microcontrollers from ST Microelectronics. The packet contains also example applications for PROFINET, EtherCAT and Ethernet/IP.
This packet is supplied by Hilscher for evaluation purposes without warranty. Please note the disclaimer!

(info) Please refer to the Loadable Firmware Host Examples Section for the latest STM32CubeExpansion Packet.

Older Versions:

Further Information

STM32 Microcontrollers, evaluation boards and Software are offered by the third party ST Microelectronics, not affiliated to Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation.


STM32Cube Expansion @ ST

STM32 Microcontrollers
STM32 Nucleo evaluation boards

STM32Cube Expansions

Contents of the websites of ST Microelectronics are beyond our responsibility and are not adopted as our own content.

Terms and Conditions

Hilscher terms and conditions



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