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A few tips on how to get started with netMOTION fall into three broad categories:

1) Hardware boards:

As one of the first steps, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the development board and adapter board. The user manual including schematics and layout files are available for download at NXHX 90-MCThe development board is equipped with the netX 90. An overview about the peripheral feature set for motion and motor control applications including references with links to further documents can be found at netX 90 in Motion.

2) Development tools:

Once you are familiar with the development board, please download and install Hilscher's latest Eclipse-based IDE with utility tools from netX Studio CDT. The NXHX 90-MC board requires netX Studio CDT version V1.0900.1.4382 or higher. The user manual with step by step instructions guides can be found at netX Studio CDT for netX 90 development.

3) Software examples:

Once you are able to configure, download and debug embedded applications, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the three different groups of software examples. A description with components, references and download links can be found at Development KitThe examples illustrate the control of a 3-phase servomotor that is explained in more detail at board application setup PMSM and software application note FOC.

For further information, please also visit our video tutorials site. Hilscher is recording a video tutorial with a hands-on session for netMOTION that is coming soon.

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