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IO-Link Gateway Demoboard

The scope of delivery contains:

  • IO-Link Gateway Demoboard
  • Product CD with sample application and IO-LINK stack as limited version
  • Assembling Kit

IO-Link Gateway Demoboard

In order to shorten the development time for netX-based IO-Link products (such as gateways from PROFINET IO to-IO-Link, for instance), Hilscher developed the IO-Link Gateway Development Board. It allows developing the IO-Link firmware for the netX processor without already having a final design of your planned IO-Link device. So hardware and software development can be accomplished in parallel.

The IO-Link Gateway Development Board provides the all necessary interfaces for the development and test of netX-based IO-Link applications.

The design of the board contains:

  • 8 IO-Link communication channels (each with standard M12 connectors and 4 LEDs)
  • 2 Real-time Ethernet communication channels (each with standard M12 connectors and LEDs)
  • USB interface for firmware update
  • JTAG interface to connect with hardware debugging equipment

You can connect to a usual 24 V laboratory power supply device via the power supply cable with M16 connector which is contained within the scope of delivery.

The IO-Link Gateway Development Board can be used in two different application scenarios:

  • With a (loadable) firmware supporting full PROFINET IO to-IO-Link gateway operation.
  • With linkable object modules (no support for PROFINET IO)

For full gateway operation with application and IOLink protocol stack on different processors, the LFW firmware must be loaded. This is accomplished by a little software tool (ComProX) which can be found on the CD delivered with the board. For the data transfer the USB interface of the board is used.

In a linkable object module scenario (LOM), the application is running on the netX processor of the IO-Link Gateway Development Board. We provide an example for using the board in such a LOM Scenario.

Addition information can be found in IO-Link Gateway HW 01 EN.PDF

As the IO-Link Gateway Development Board has been designed as a tool for speeding up development of netX-based IO-Link applications, it is not intended for use in production plants and therefore, it neither carries a CE sign nor has it been checked for ESD compliance.

As already stated above, any other use than for development purposes is legally prohibited. Especially, it is not allowed to use the board for productive purposes.


IO-Link communication master transceiver IC

The IO-Link Gateway Demoboard consists of 8x L6360 IC's.

The L6360 IO-Link communication master transceiver IC is a monolithic IO-Link master port compliant with PHY2 (3-wire) supporting COM1 (4.8 kbaud), COM2 (38.4 kbaud) and COM3 (230.4 kbaud) modes. The monolithic IC meets all the requirements of modern sensors and actuators such as fast and easy configurability, wide application spectrum, minimum power dissipation for increased efficiency and full diagnostic and protection functions for enhanced reliability. The half-bridge output stages can be configured as highside, low-side or push-pull for maximum design flexibility.*

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