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NXJTAG-USB is an Accessories with which Hilscher creates an opportunity to debug albeit there is no On-Board Debugger availible.

Or to download a Firmware over the JTAG interface with the Bootwizard.

The NXJTAG-USB serves as USB-JTAG adapter on the basis of a FTDI-Chip.

Accordingly the connection of JTAG to USB should be created by a FTDI-Chip.

  1. Device with membrane connector and JTAG via FTDI to USB (NXJTAG-USB\F)
  2. Device with JTAG via FTDI to USB (NXJTAG-USB)

The driver for debugging will be shipped in combination with netX Studio.

For Downloading a firmware the NXJTAG is compatible since the Bootwizard version




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