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Integrated ROM bootloader:

  • The bootstrap option for the default console mode does not enable Ethernet as peripheral interface due to a bug in the ROM code of netX 90 samples with date code 2018.


  • The console mode enables the handling of firmware programming. The interface is determined by bootstrap pin configuration settings at SQI_SOI0, SQI_SIO1, and SQI_SOI2 after power-up. If the pin configuration is left open, internal pull-up resistors ensure that the default console mode is selected.

No workaround available


The ROM code bug is fixed in netX 90 mass production devices with date code 2019 onwards, i.e. 19WW, cf. date code marking.

Console modeDate code 18WWDate code 19WW onwardsSQI_SOI0SQI_SIOSQI_SOI2
Default, 7UARTUART and EthernetHigh, internal pull-upHigh, internal pull-upHigh, internal pull-up