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netX Support

Get in touch with Hilscher Sales to learn more about our professional technical support.

Software Development Board for netX SoC line

The netX network controller with its 32 Bit ARM CPU provides a high degree of computing performance and comprehensive peripheral functions for single chip solutions in price-sensitive applications. Here the network protocols and the application program together use the resources of the netX and are carried out together in a Real-Time operating system.

The simplest and most economic way of evaluating the whole system is with the netX software development board. Besides a universal hardware, it also possesses an integrated debug interface and is supplied with the Ecplise-based netX Studio development environment. Your application can be loaded onto the board and run with our protocol stacks and, for instance, combined with the licence-free Linux board support package.

For this purpose netX Studio, having integrated the GCC compiler, python-based WAF built scripts, an Open OCD debugger and a flasher, offers a comfortable development and debugging environment. Code can be developed and tested without limitation with the netX software development board.

To reduce your hardware development effort you will receive the circuit diagram as reference within the extensive documentation. Additional plug-on modules make it easy to replicate your use case. Optimize your time-to-market and start directly with your software development on the netX software development board.


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Eclipse based netX Development

netX Studio CDT

Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows XP SP3Microsoft Windows Vista SP2Microsoft Windows 7Microsoft Windows 8Microsoft Windows 8.1 Microsoft Windows 10

netX Documentation

Documentation about the products (Getting-Started / Device Description, etc) can be found at:

DescriptionGetting StartedDevice DescriptionReference SchematicsQuicklink Download
NXHX 50-ETM(tick)(tick)(error)
NXHX 51-ETM(tick)(tick)(tick)
NXHX 52-JTAG(tick)(tick)(tick)
NXHX 500-ETM(tick)(tick)(error)




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