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How to debug the ROM code startup phase at netX 90?


The ROM code has a trace buffer inside the internal RAM of netX 90 COM side. The trace buffer is used to log events and details of the startup phase while the ROM code is executed.

The trace buffer content can be decoded by Hilscher. Please provide a binary file of the trace buffer to the support team via

The trace buffer is stored in the netX internal RAM from 0x200A.0000 to 0x200A.7FFF inclusive.

Save it with a JTAG debugger.

(warning) Make sure to attach the debugger to the netX 90 COM side. NO access is possible from the netX 90 APP side to this memory area.(warning)

Example for netX Studio inside the GDB shell

    dump binary memory netX90_StartupDebugDump.bin 0x200A0000 0x200A8000

In order to connect to the netX 90 COM side with netXSTUDIO, please enable the respective support in the Edit→Preferences→General→netX Development dialog first.

Choose Debug→Debug Settings ... → Target Board → netX 90 (COM)

Example for the Lauterbach: /tmp/trace.bin 0x200A0000++0x7fff