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Creating IIoT value from PROFINET process data through passive network tapping

The container "netFIELD App PROFINET Tap" is a software-gateway that extracts process data from a captured PROFINET network stream exchanged between a PLC and IO devices and converts it into MQTT topics.

Latest version:

For previous versions see: Version history - netFIELD App PROFINET Tap

Supported Hosts
netFIELD OnPremise - NIOT-E-TIJCX-GB-RE/NFLD netFIELD Connect X8M - NFX8M-D2-N32-010Plain Docker environment - 3rd party device

(tick) tapping via Industrial Ethernet interface

(tick) tapping via Gbit Ethernet port

(tick) tapping via Gbit Ethernet port(tick) tapping via Gbit Ethernet port
Supported protocols
(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(green star)(error)(error)

(error): not supported, (green star): fully supported

Supported third party tools
GSDML device description files

Siemens TIA Portal via AutomationML

(green star)(green star)

(error): not supported, (green star): fully supported

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