Blog from May, 2019

netX 51 is used as a Host Controller in this case. A netX 51 based hardware like NXHX 51-ETM must be connected to any netX based companion chip which runs the PROFINEt or EtherCAT Slave LFW
I.e. in this setup 2 netX chips are used: One as host, the second as companion chip.
In most cases, netX 51 will not be used as a host controller. Anyway this example might be helpful for users to understand the usage of PNS V3 and ECS V4 stacks.

  • cifX Demo Application V2
  • CMSID and netX_Driver V0.0.4.7
  • cifX Toolkit
  • HIL_ Hilscher Definitions instead of rcX_ and TLR_ definitions
  • netxSTUDIO project includes FDL, HWC, MFW files