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Release Notes


Summarysupport for all major peripheral components

ControllernetX 10netX 50netX 51netX 52netX 90netX 100netX 500

### V0.0.4.7 CMSIS Template ld

- ld file referred to PageExtraction an should have been PageReader

- SPI added more robustness to init and fifo clr

- DIO fixed bod unmask

### V0.0.4.6 TIM Hotfix

- TIM correction of assert

### V0.0.4.5 Info Page Fix

- CMSIS info page reader cache reset and better guarding

- ADC includes added

### V0.0.4.4 Production Tested Chips

- SPI Device ID documentation corrected

- SPI reset/default value and init of data size select fixed

- SPI alignment calculation fixed

- SPI and UART FiFo servicing order changed

- SQI fss set fixed

- UART variable set order changed

- UART added missing else

- UART str/ldr exclusive protection for watermark set

- UART added separate tx and rx get state functions

- DIO IRQ Mask fixed

- CSP DIO HIF ID fixed

- TRACE print function added

- Changed DRV_LOCK behaviour during initialization

- Moved RTOS_USED stubs into user_conf

  • untested version
  • documentation incomplete


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