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This space was created to help drive and motion control vendors to create a PROFIdrive solution which relies on proven components. This reduces the effort for the implementation and lets to avoid the common pitfalls in the development process.

PROFIdrive Implementation Guide

PROFIdrive Implementation Guide is designed to help the user to implement the PROFIdrive profile.  It provides the overview of the required steps and dependencies and is a good point to start with PROFIdrive implementation.

PROFIdrive Controller

PROFIdrive Controller can be realized as application using a PROFINET IO Controller to set up the PROFINET communication to PROFINET IO Devices with PROFIdrive profile implementation.

An example for the Siemens environment is provided by Siemens for the PROFIdrive working group of PNO. More about PROFIdrive Controller can be found here ...

PROFIdrive Device

PROFIdrive Device Profile is used to realize Drive and Encoder devices according to PROFIdrive specification. More about PROFIdrive Device Profile can be found here ...

PROFIdrive Device Example

The application example is designed for device developers. It provides all the necessary functions to create a drive for AC1 (application class 1) or AC4 (application class 4).
More about PROFIdrive Device Example can be found here ...


The new PROFIdrive Device Example is available for download for all project members.

Link:  PROFIdrive Device Example

PROFIdrive is implemented by the application example presented here. The "Drive application" is simulated in the application example by a simple simulation (PT1 element).

The PROFIdrice community is happy to present the new version of the “PROFIdrive Implementation Guide All_IRT V4.2” table.
This file fit to the PROFIdrive version 4.2.

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