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Release Notes
SummaryRefactoring of the source code to get a better modularity and remove dependency. Drive AC4 and Encoder class 3 examples provided
Changes in this version

Changes in v3.0 since v2.1


- rework the source code for better modularity and remove dependency to Hilscher components. Examples based on Hilscher PROFINET Io Device boards need to use the Hilscher framework which adopts to Hilscher stack API.

- add Drive application class 4 (isochronous) example

- add Encoder class 3 example

examples are based on Hilscher PROFINET IO Device products. If another PROFINET Product used, adaption layer shall be created.

PROFIdrive Profile is a part of an example application which uses it and demostrates the functions. The profile implementation can be found in examples under "\Components\PROFIdrive Profile\".

Drive AC4 Example.zipExample implementing a drive application class 4VisualStudio Example
Encoder Class 3 Example.zipExample implementing an encoder class 3VisualStudio Example
PROFIdrive Application Example.chmDocumentation for Drive exampleCHM
Encoder Application Example.chmDocumentation for Encoder exampleCHM
How To configure the Example application.pdfApplication note - how to use the examplePDF

The industrialNETworX Public License INPL

Licence confirmationPDF

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