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General Information

The PROFIdrive Controller Application should give an idea, how a PROFIdrive controller can be build up, handling drives with PROFIdrive interface.

current version

former releases

Inside the example application there are two interface layers to make usage of PROFIdrive devices, which are connected to a PROFINET controller system, easier.

The PNC API is used to provide PROFINET controller related functionalities like cyclic, acyclic and alarm data handling at application layer in a standardized way.
So, it is possible to use the whole application example on different runtime systems by just implementing a proper wrapper for target system.

The PDC API is used to provide main PROFIdrive functionalities in a more abstract way. It provides functions to run connected axis with velocity or position setpoints
with respect of chosen PROFIdrive application class and take over all necessary normalization, calculation and mapping in internal modules.
The functionalities of PDC API are based also on PNC API functionalities.

2019-07-08updated PROFIdrive Controller Application is available for download for all project members
2017-01-23new PROFIdrive Controller Application is available for download for all project members.
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