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Current release:

For previous versions see version history.

General Information

The Reference Implementation of the PROFIdrive Profile

Hilscher offers its base implementation of the PROFIdrive profile in the source code free of charge and manages the development for the quasi-standard reference implementation in drive technology.


  • Implementation according to PROFIdrive specification v4.1 of the PNO
  • Implementation is tested with recent PROFIdrive Tester Testcases
  • Handling of the PROFIdrive Parameter and two paramter access modes supported
  • Drive State Machine
  • Telegramm configuration supported
  • Drive Object IO Data normalization supported
  • Fault Buffer supported

For more details on PROFIdrive features click  here ... 


For more details click  here ... 

Road map

For more details click here ... 

INPL License

The source code of the PROFIdrive profile implementation is provided for free use under INPL License


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