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Current release: For previous versions see version history.
General Information


  • Required for all standard loadable firmwares (*.NXF)
  • Boot loader program Size < 64 Kbyte binary code to allow loading via DPM on netX100/500

  • Serial COM support

  • USB / CDC support

  • DPM support (including host interrupt enabled in DPM mode)

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The "Second Stage Boot Loader" is a basic netX system loader, started by the netX ROM loader, and designed to create a standard Hilscher netX dual port memory.

It offers basic functionalities for all netX based standard components like device drivers and comunnication components and
enables the download of firmware files larger than 64 KB via the dual-port memory.
Another task of the boot loader is to cover as many hardware dependencies as possible (e.g. MMIO/chip type settings).


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Road map

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