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  • Required for all standard loadable firmwares (*.NXF)
  • Boot loader program Size < 64 Kbyte binary code to allow loading via DPM on netX100/500

  • Serial COM support

  • USB / CDC support

  • DPM support (including host interrupt enabled in DPM mode)

  • Security FLASH read / write access to user data area

  • File System FAT based (format / read / write) on serial flash only

  • Standard DPM layout for "System Channel" and "Handshake Channel" (like defined in netX DPM Manual)

  • Extended read and write mailboxes for faster firmware download

  • System channel hardware information handling

  • Hardware independent (executed in netX internal memory)

  • Boot loader update

  • File System Restore from SD/MMC

  • License Update


  • The boot loader does not include a FTL (Flash Translation Layer) and is limited to a FAT file system on the serial flashes only.
  • Wear-leveling is not available
  • For entering USB boot mode of the second stage loader, it is necessary to add an additional jumper/switch (see netX ROM Loader documentation on how to enter extension bus boot mode, to design your hardware)
  • Ethernet support not included
  • DMA data transfer not included
  • Firmware cannot be loaded into internal RAM, as this is used by boot loader
  • Only serial flashes with the feature "erase single pages" are supported (see list in appendix)
  • License codes currently not readable on a netX50 based hardware
  • License Updates can not be executed on a netX50/netX10/netX51 based hardware
  • SDRAM and DPM cannot be used simultaneously on netX10
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