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'netXTransport and netXMarshaller' are services providing a standard diagnostic interface for netX based systems via common physical connections (serial, USB, Ethernet) in combination with standard access functions (cifX API / rcX data packages) and the possibility to use the target connection for runtime data access and data exchange between the host and target.




  • Data Transport and Representation
    The physical data transport is based on the 'Hilscher Transport Mechanism',
    describing a physical connection independent handling of a user data transport between a host and a target (connection independent)
  • Connectivity to different transport medias (USB / serial / Ethernet)
  • Source code of the target implementation portable to so called 'Remote Systems', running a netX target with different operating system (OS independent C-Sources)
  • Hardware connection independent access to the target system via rcX data packages or remote access via cifX API functions


Data Layer Overview:


The complete package consists of several software modules:

Host Side Components:

  • netXTransport DLL for Windows
  • RS232Connector DLL for Windows
  • TCPConnector DLL for Windows
  • netXTransport Toolkit source code for none Windows implementations
  • netXTransport Toolkit examples for Windows and Linux

Device Side Components:

  • netXMarshaller source code
  • TCPServer examples based on netXMarshaller for Windows and Linux