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titleChanges in this version

Changes in v2.1 since v2.0


- Optimization: Replace PROFIdrive Dynamic memory allocation by Static Allocation

- Optimization: serialize handling of Parameter requests in case of multi-Parameter request. Just one parameter per application cycle will be processed in order to minimize the load within application cycle.

- fixed Type of Parameter High-/Low-limits variables. The type of limits variables must depend on the type of Parameter value.

- fixed #9: SendMailbox does not get deleted when shutting down profile/application

- fixed #11: wrong order in parameter 974 initial value. Handling for parameter 974 reworked.

- fixed #10: Access with subindex to non-indexed parameter

- Refuse change request access to Parameter description/text

- Added some functions to support PNU971, PNU977 (load and store parameter Set) 


Changes in v2.0 since v1.2


- Replaced the DC-Motor with a special engine simulation

     - defined some functions to implement a modular controlled system

     - added RFG to the control system

     - used PROFIdrive_Register_CyclicRoutine() to register the Controller as a cyclic routine with variable cycle time          

- Adjusted the application to the new motor interface

     - added motor specific resources as a handle into the general axis resources

     - split Host_Cyclic into several files,        

- Fixed failure ramp-Stop reaction when STW1 bit 5=0 (freeze setpoint)

- Abstract Operation system (RCX) functionality using helper functions (PROFIdrive_APP_Rcx.c)

- Added some comands and flags to map the actual states of setpoint channel and ramp function generator (RFG)

- added static structure to configure Device submodules and and to create optional parameter



Changes in v1.2 since v1.1


- Support PROFIdrive specific data types

- Fixed Fault situations acknowledgement

- added missing check for faulty parameter Description (Low/High Limit and reference Parameter)

- Fixed swap parameter value when an Octet element is requested


Changes in v1.1 since v1.0


- Updated to errata List:

      - Added Error codes Illegal Request (0x21) and Request Block too long (0xB1) (Errata item 18 and 32)

      - Defined Error (to much parameter requested) 0x22 if the number of  permissible  requested parameters is exceeded (Errata item 34)

- Fixed handling of String Parameters (Errata item 36)

- Fixed number of parameter in case of  negative Response (Errata item 41)

- Extended Parameter Request/Response block sizes (up to 1024 Block)

- Updated Host application and Profile resources

- Added handling of  V2 Data type

- Fixed Parameter text handling

- Added handling of Parameters P61000 to P610004 (PROFINET specific Parameters)

- Implemented handling to create a Parameter block

- Added the complete and optional   Fault Buffer configuration

- Implemented handling to register a parameter for notification services

- Added support for I&M Record






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titleKnown Issues

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