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titleFirmware Functions

The PROFIBUS DP slave protocol stack is fully integrated into a netX firmware for specific use case in order to provide a common set of netX firmware functions accross different protocol variants:

Firmware VariantsUse Case AUse Case BUse Case C
Use Case summary

netX90 COM CPU firmware for small footprint, low cost and function optimized slave devices

  • no external SPI / SQI Flash required for COM CPU
  • no external SDRAM required for COM CPU

same as Use Case A, but netX90 APP CPU

  • uses external SPI Flash
  • may use external SDRAM

full featured firmware for highest function requirements

  • external SDRAM is required for COM CPU
  • external SPI Flash is required for COM CPU
netX support
  • netX90
  • netX90 with ext FLASH
  • netX90 with ext SDRAM and ext FLASH
  • netX4x00 with ext SDRAM and ext FLASH
FW structure



Host Interface

Dual Port Memory interface with following channels:

  • Channel 0 - Real-Time Ethernet Protocol API
    • exchange cyclic IO data
    • use acyclic protocol services
Diagnostic Interface

netX Diagnostic and Remote Access is supported

  • netX90 COM UART
  • netX90 COM UART
  • netX90 COM UART
  • netX4x00 USB
Integrated Flash File SystemN/AN/APower-fail safe flash file system on external SPI flash is used
Remanent Data Storage

Power-fail safe storage of up to 16KB of protocol remanent data in netX90 internal flash

Power-fail safe storage of protocol remanent data in dedicated partition in extenal SPI flash.

Size and position of remanent storage area shall be configured in FDL.

Device Data

device production data (Serial number, MAC address, production data etc.) shall be stored in FDL in:

  • netX90 internal flash
  • netX90 internal flash
  • netX4x00 in external SPI flash

Firmware Transfer

  • via Host Interface (DPM, SPM)

due to limited size (max. 380KB) of FW update area in internal flash, only following files can be transfered:

  • individual firmware files (i.e. comfw.nxi or appfw.nai) if the size of the a file is less that 380KB
  • max. 380KB big file with predefined structure


to netX flash file system located on external SPI Flash
Firmware Update

Firmware check and installation supported through calling the Maintenance Firmware (netX 90/4000)

(star) Note: netX90 Use Case C firmware requires  Maintenance Firmware v1.43.0.0 or later.

  • from internal netX90 flash
  • from Flash File System located on external SPI Flash
Configurationby sending configuration packets to the firmware via Host Interface
N/Aor by using Communication Studio configuration database file from local flash file system
Integrated Basic WebserverN/A
Webserver extensionN/AN/A
Tag List Options

Firmware supports certain modification of the functionality via Tag List, in particular:

  • UART Diagnosis Interface
HW Sync SignalN/A
Protocol Specific LED Indicators

Network specific status indicators with COM0 / COM1 LEDs:

  • SF: System Failure
  • BF: Bus Failure
  • FW functions are limited by available internal RAM / Flash
  • COM firmware size is limited to max. 500KB
  • FW functions are limited by available internal RAM / Flash
  • COM firmware size is limited  to max. 880KB