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Technical Data



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  • Implementation according to PROFIdrive specification v4.1 of the PNO
  • Implementation is tested with recent PROFIdrive Tester Testcases
  • Handling of the PROFIdrive Parameter and two paramter access modes supported
  • Drive State Machine
  • Telegramm configuration supported
  • Drive Object IO Data normalization supported
  • Fault Buffer supported

The PROFIdrive Profile implementation is done according to the PROFIdrive Specification v4.1 of the PNO. The errata list as of 21.09.2010 is also considered.

Supported Features

  • Handling of all PROFIdrive parameters using a well defined structure:
    • The mandatory parameter value and the standard and profile specific data types are supported.
    • Additionally to parameter value the optional "description and text" parameter elements are fully supported already.
    • The stack provides support to automatically generate all of the mandatory parameters. According to their functions the length of some mandatory parameters is manufacturer specific. Therefore several defines are provided to set the length.
    • The stack provides a function to create the manufacturer-specific or optional parameter block easily.
  • Two parameter access modes are supported:
    • Base Mode Parameter Access: Local
    • Base Mode Parameter Access: Global (for compatibility reasons to PROFIBUS).
  • The number of transferred parameters and the size of Parameter request/response block may be freely defined by the application and may be up to 1024 Byte length (in case of PROFINET).
  • Support for all defined Fault Buffer configurations. The fault buffer configuration can be selected using the specific defines:
    • Mandatory (minimal possible configuration support only Fault message counter wihch will be mapped on PNU944 and fault number PNU947)
    • Complete (additionally supports fault number list PNU951 and fault situation counter PNU952)
    • Optional (other features of fault buffer e.g. fault time and fault value)
  • The DO IO Data normalisation is supported for standard as well as PROFIdrive specific data types.
  • The Telegram configuring is supported by means of the configuring of the IO Data in data telegram by the application using the following Parameters: P922, P915 and P916.
  • The Control Word 2 and Status Word 2 are not supported yet as these are optional for application class 1.


titleOn this page

Table of Contents