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The BSDL file is valid for netX 90 chips Rev.0 and Rev.1

Known Issue

The value of TDI is always shifted into the BYPASS register with every cycle of TCK.
A preload of the BYPASS register to '0' when receiving the BYPASS instruction has not been implemented.
We have not verified in detail that this is a requirement of IEEE 1149.1.
We suggest a software workaround on the external (JTAG interface) side if possible.

  File Modified
File LVS_BSCAN_CELLS.all 2019-05-10 by Dirk Fischer
PDF File netX90_BSDL_readme.pdf 2019-05-10 by Dirk Fischer
File netX90_V1.0.bsdl 2019-05-10 by Dirk Fischer
PDF File netX 90 BSDL File.pdf 2019-05-10 by Dirk Fischer