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Release Notes


Summarycontains host application example for ECS V5.1
ToolchainSystemWorkbench for STM32, Keil, IAR, TrueSTUDIO
  • The STM32CubeExpansion package contains example applications for PROFINET, EtherCAT, EthernetIP, etc. and the cifX Toolkit for STM32 F7 Microcontrollers
  • please refer to the file "README.txt" for further information
  • please refer to the Agreement in "README_DISCLAIMER.txt", provided together with this packet!
  • The package contains also netX 90 Protocol Firmware evaluation versions (as flash-memory images)

### V2.0.0.0

- update to a modified demo application framework V2.0 with mailbox packet handler FIFO

- added protocol evaluation firmware for netX 90 (as flash memory himages)

- demo applications for netX 90 LFWs, e.g. PNS V5. EIS V5, ECS V5

- updated cifX Toolkit to V2.2.0.0

- restrictions: target STM32F4 not supported anymore, demos do not include netX 52 LFWs

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