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TitleEtherNet/IP stack crash for specific CIP service
Hilscher Ticket

AffectsHilscher EtherNet/IP Adapter V2 prior to V2.13.0.21
Not affected-
Impactdenial-of-service, remote code execution


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Vulnerability Description

Short Decription

A denial of service and memory corruption vulnerability could exist in Hilscher's EtherNet/IP Core V2 that could allow arbitrary code to be injected through the network or make the EtherNet/IP device crash without recovery.

Detailed Description

The EtherNet/IP Core V2 processes a CIP service request that is received from the network. During that process the attached service data is copied into an internal buffer without checking the size of the data being copied. This results in memory corruption (stack damage) that could be used for remote code injection. In addition, the EtherNet/IP device stops responding due to its courrupted stack, making it vulnerable to a denial-of-service attack.

Vulnerability Severity

CVSS v3 Base Score7.5
CVSS v3 Vector


CVSS v3 Link:

Impact / Implications

Specially crafted packets could cause

  • denial of service
  • remote code execution
  • code exposure



Corrective Action or Resolution

Affected users should upgrade to the hotfix version of Hilscher's EtherNet/IP V2 adapter stack (V2.13.0.21): EtherNet/IP Adapter V2.13.0.21


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