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I've NRP H90-RE\F8D8 (7690.102) module and its evaluation board NRPEB H90 (7600.320) with preloaded firmware, how can I communicate with it?

Software installation: (netRAPID 90 DVD 2019-09-1 - BETA: Components - Tools)
  1. Install the USB_FTDI-SPM driver (NXDIAG) to gain access to the NRPEB H90-RE Evaluationboard via the USB-SPM host interface
    → netX Diagnostic and Remote Access\2019-08-1\netX serial DPM via USB\netX USB FTDI driver installation\Windows\setup.exe
  2. Install the Device Explorer to load or update the Communication firmware on the NRPEB H90-RE
    Device Explorer V1.2.9.28661 Setup.exe
  3. Install the Device Library
    Device Library V1.0.41.28658 Setup.exe
  4. Install the Communication Studio to set up a configruation
    CommunicationStudio V1.0.25.28588 Setup.exe

Detect device NRP H90-RE\F8D8 and check/update firmware with Device Explorer.

(EIS V5.1.0.3 is the pre-installed firmware for NRP H90-RE_F8D8)

Configure NETX_90_RE_EIS (StandAloneSlave) with Communication Studio (IP Settings: Fixed Addresses in the example)

Connect device NRP H90-RE\F8D8 and download the configuration (Device Assignment netX SPM USB Driver)

The basic webserver is available with the configured IP address.