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The released firmware packages are published now and can be found in the respective knowledge base spaces (links below).

Several new features are implemented:


  • Support of Isochronous Mode –IsoM – applications, e.g. for motor control applications
    - new “config trigger event” service and sync signal generation for network cycle times starting from 500µs
  • Single Port Firmware Variant available now
  • Possibility to modify the Socket API quantity structures (number of sockets) via taglist
  • Support of PROFINET Security Class 1 (Robustness)
    - change SNMP default strings possible, DCP commands "read only"


The PNS V5.4 LFW is intended for certification test bundle PNIO_Version: 2.42, which allows certification tests until February 2023


PROFINET Security Class 1 is not yet rolled out by PI. Specification is available but infrastructure, e.g. for certificate handling, is missing.
Nevertheless, our Firmware is prepared and ready to support Security Class 1 as soon as it becomes usable.


The Isochronous Mode Support  is interesting for drive manufacturers and generally for users with sophisticated synchronization requirements.

The cycle time for this use case can be as low as 500µs.


Generic services, like the OEM parameter handling, were further harmonized with other protocol firmware variants to ease software development of multiprotocol solutions.




The new firmware can be used on many target devices

  • COMSOL products cifX, comX, netJACK
  • netRAPID 51/52, Chip netX51/52/100/500
  • cifX M.2 card, netRAPID 90, Chip: netX 90



Further Information and Download


Migration Guides

PNS V4 netX 51/52/100/500:

PNS V5 netX 90:


Please refer to

Public Information: